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XMM 2009 Signup Post


Welcome to signups for the 2009 X-men movieverse ficathon!

Your moderators are brighteyedcat and aphrodite_mine. We can be contacted at the moderator's address: xmmficathonmods@gmail.com

To sign up, you’ll make up to four requests. For each one, you’ll request a character or pairing and a specific request or scenario. Your writer will pick ONE (or more) of the characters or pairings you requested to write a story about. Fulfilling your specific request is optional but highly encouraged, and we will ask that your writer not include anything you specifically said you didn’t want in your story.

You'll also list at least three characters or pairings you are willing to write. Please list as many characters and pairings as you could happily write. You'll be matched with a person who requested at least one of the characters or pairings you offered, and will write a story based on one of their requests. All stories must be at least 1000 words.

Last date to sign up: July 30 (Thursday)
Assignments mailed out: August 4 (Tuesday)
Stories due (ie, a complete story must be emailed to moderator and approved): November 14
Stories are posted (you will post them yourself to the xmmficathon community): November 21

We will need to see a copy of your story by November 14. It doesn’t have to be perfect/beta read at this point, just complete. This will give me time to find pinch-hitters for people who haven't finished their stories. You'll post your story to the xmmficathon community on November 21, which is a Saturday.


Can I request the same character or pairing in all of my requests?

Yes, but it will make you harder to match, so if you can think of three different characters or pairings you'd be happy with a story about, please do.

I only write one character/one pairing! Can I still sign up?

If you're a single-pairing writer, you can offer to write that pairing and those two characters. That's three. If you're a single-character writer, you can offer to write that character and two pairings involving that character.

If you only write gen about a single character, or only write a single pairing and won't write gen about each character, then, no, you can't sign up -- we will go crazy trying to match you.

Can I request or offer to write 'any'?

Yes, but "any" means any. If you request "Scott/any," you may get anything from Scott/Jean to Scott/Toad. If you offer to write "any slash," you may get Bobby/John or Sabretooth/Charles Xavier. Please do not request or offer to write "any" unless you really will really be happy with whatever you get. We will not re-assign you if your assignment matches what you said you would write.

Can I request movieverse versions of comicsverse characters?

Yes, but only one of your requests can involve a comicsverse character who has not yet appeared in the movieverse, because those requests are harder to match. If you're willing to write comicsverse characters, please say so in your sign-up.

Can I request crossovers?

One of your requests may be a crossover -- within the greater Marvel movieverse only. That includes the Spiderman movies, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Elektra, The Hulk, Punisher, Ghost Rider, Blade, etc.

Can I request fiction from the Wolverine: Origins movie?
Same rule as above. Because this movie hasn’t been as popular and the characters aren’t as widely known, this will be harder to match. Only one request can involve a request from this verse or a crossover between characters in Origins and XMM.

Do the mods have any further suggestions on the logistics of participating in a ficathon?

It's purely optional reading, but likeadeuce once wrote an essay on The Care and Feeding of ficathons and challenges. It’s also nice to, when assignments go out, write a Dear Author letter in your place of internet residence, letting your author know any further completely optional details of your requests. They might be seeking inspiration.

What should I do if I still have questions?

Please ask any questions about the rules or the sign-up process in comments to this post, and I'll answer them as soon as possible. I'll be making another post later explaining how to post your stories, so please hold off on questions about how to post.


Leave a comment here with the following information, or email it to xmmficathonmods@gmail.com.

Author name:
LJ name:
Email address:

XMM-Specific requests--
Character/pairing request 1:
Specific request:
Character/pairing request 2:
Specific request:
Do you have a request including X-Men comic characters, Wolverine: Origins, or other Marvel films? If no, you may make two more XMM-specific requests. If yes, make those here, but limit yourself to ONE each.
Character/pairing request 3:
Specific request:
Character/pairing request 4:
Specific request:

At least three characters or pairings you are willing to write about:

Any comicsverse characters or pairings you are willing to write (imported into the movieverse):

Any Wolverine: Origins characters or pairings you are willing to write:

Any crossovers you are willing to write (greater Marvel movieverse ONLY; be specific as to characters):

Anything you will not write: [ETA note: You won't be matched on any characters who DON'T appear in the movies, unless you specifically say you can write them. Also, we'll make every effort to match you on the characters you DO request to write. So there's no need to list characters you won't write unless they appear in the movies and you feel very very strongly about not writing them!]

Example sign-up:

Author name: Pretendicon
LJ name: pretendicon
Email address: doesntexist@livejournal.com

Character/pairing request 1: Scott/Jean
Specific request: softball, an Ipod, "Total Eclipse of the Heart." No dead-Jean, please.
Character/pairing request 2: Magneto
Specific request: Dealing with his past, dealing with his future (circa X2)
Character/pairing request 3: Hank McCoy/Victor Von Doom (pre-Fantastic Four 2)
Specific request: Self-help, science; Smut please!
Character/pairing request 4: Rogue/Rachel Summers
Specific request: In some ways, Rachel isn’t like her mother.

At least three characters or pairings you are willing to write: Logan, Charles, Erik, Mystique, John, Bobby, Scott, Jean, Rogue, Peter, Hank, Warren. Charles/Erik, Erik/Mystique, Erik/John, Scott/Jean, Peter/Warren, Bobby/Warren.

Any comicsverse characters or pairings you are willing to write (imported into the movieverse): Apocalypse, Cable, Deadpool, Domino, Emma Frost, Iron Man, Captain America, Mr. Sinister, Rachel Summers

Any Wolverine: Origins characters or pairings you are willing to write: Deadpool, Sabretooth

Any crossovers you are willing to write: Reed and/or Sue Richards from Fantastic Four; no non-canon pairings, though.

Anything you will not write: Babyfic, Bobby/Rogue, anything involving X3 canon.
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