smaragdbird (smaragdbird) wrote in xmmficathon,

Fic: Changing Seasons (PG, Remy centred gen)

Title: Changing Seasons

Author: smaragdbird

Summary: After Logan has flattened Three Mile Island, Remy returns to New Orleans, finally free of his past when it catches up with him again in the form of a fellow prisoner from his time at Stryker's.

Recipient:: renata_kedavra

Request Used: "Anything that follows up on Gambit, post-Origins Wolverine. I'd prefer if Rogue is NOT involved, but if she shows up that's okay."

Rating: PG

Spoilers: X-Men: Wolverine and X-Men: First Class

Notes:There's no Rogue, don't worry :)
Also, this was born from the fact that marvel wikia lists Riptide as one of Stryker's prisoners in X-Men: Wolverine.

Read it here

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