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A Different First Time, NC-17, Moira/Raven

Title:: A Different First Time

Author:: joanne_c

Summary:: Moira doesn't do things like this. But Raven makes her feel so many things she's never felt before.

Recipient:: Jenwyrn

Request Used:: Mystique (Raven)/Moira, anything

Rating:: NC-17

Spoilers:: None

Notes: Sorry for the incredible lateness. I hope it is liked!

This was not like Moira at all.

Flirting with a woman, on occasion, happened. Getting drunk did too. Sometimes
even kissing a woman might happen. In the past, it had even gone further than kissing.

On the night before she started her new job, this was not the time for any of the above
to happen.

Well, maybe beyond the flirting. She could do that. It fit into her rule book.

But this... she wasn't sure where being pressed up against the wall in the bathroom of
the bar, strong, slender fingers moving up her thigh and moaning and begging into the
ear of the gorgeous blonde who'd picked her up to touch her actually fitted. And she
wasn't that drunk, either.

"This is great," the blonde - Raven, Moira's fogged mind supplied, "but I do
much better work in my bedroom. Want to come?" Her smile quirked at the double

"Several times," Moira answered. "But yeah. Let's go. Don't need people seeing
me this way. Would shock too many of them."

Raven didn't react to that, beyond pulling Moira's skirt down and taking her
hand to lead her out.

The taxi trip back to Raven's home was a blur of long, slow kisses for Moira,
though they didn't do more than kiss, Raven whispering that she wanted to wait and
Moira letting Raven set the pace, she wasn't used enough to this to take control
and also not wanting to rock the boat in public. Plus Raven's kisses were fast
becoming addictive to Moira and though the rest of her body was interested in
what Raven could do, she could wait to find out.

The trip was over soon enough with the kisses to keep Moira busy and the taxi
pulled up at least ten seconds before Moira realized it had. She disentangled herself
and, blushing, stepped out of the cab to wait for Raven. She didn't know whether to
touch or not, so she was relieved when Raven took her hand and led her into the house.

Moira didn’t get to look around much before Raven had pulled her along to a private alcove, and when Raven decided to push Moira up against another wall, Moira decided she was addicted to that too, and let Raven know by whispering naughtily into her ear. "When you push me against a wall, it makes me all wet," she purred.

"Then I'll keep that in mind," Raven grinned before resuming the kisses and, yes,
pushing Moira against the wall.

Raven stopped, soon, and Moira moaned in protest when Raven stopped, until she realized that they were heading for Raven's room and more and that made her want to get there faster. She didn't run, though. She kept pace with Raven and it was fast enough.

The door closed behind them and Moira looked around for a second, typical bedroom décor, and then she was in Raven's arms again, being pushed against the door,
and Raven's hand was moving up her thigh again, only it didn't stop this time, it
cupped her wet, aching pussy through her panties and Moira cried out. "Oh god.
Oh more, please, Raven, I need more!"

Her cries must have spurred Raven on, because her panties were being pulled down
and Raven was cupping her bare pussy then, teasing the lips and clit, whispering in
Moira's ear. "Oh you're hot and wet and I know you want to come, very badly,
don't you, Moira?" and she stroked Moira's clit hard. "Is that what you want?"

Moira screamed, on the edge of what felt like the biggest orgasm she'd ever had.
"Please, I need to come, do that again and I will, I know I will!"

"Enough teasing," Raven muttered, and she pushed two fingers inside Moira as
she repeated the stroke to her clit.

Moira came, and she was right, it was the most intense, amazing orgasm she'd ever
had, she screamed with the joy and the pleasure of it, feeling aftershocks ripple
through her for a very long time, until she could look up.

"What can I do for you?" she asked Raven, reaching for her.

"Bed," Raven said with a smile. "Then whatever you want to do, pretty girl."

Moira smiled and started stripping. Raven had already seen her as naked as it
mattered. She folded her clothes carefully - she would have to wear them tomorrow
after all - and stood, naked.

Raven stripped too, and Moira's eyes raked over her body, taking in the amazing
breasts, beautiful creamy skin and, smiling, the blonde triangle of hair at the top of her
thighs. "Natural blonde," Moira said, and took Raven's hand to go to the bed. She didn’t notice the raised eyebrow from Raven

She watched as Raven turned the sheets down, and lay down with Raven.

Moira was hesitant at first, not as used to touching a woman as Raven clearly
was, but her gentle caresses caused smiles and soft moans from Raven, making her
brave enough to continue, soft kisses over the wonderful breasts, slightly firmer on
her nipples. Raven liked that, Moira discovered, so she bit, very softly, and she
could feel Raven shuddering under her.

She wanted Raven to feel really good, so she continued the attention to her breasts,
and slid a hand down to touch the curls between Raven's legs, and then pressed
further in, hearing Raven's cries of approval and pleas for more.

Doing what Raven had, Moira pumped two fingers into her and pressed and
stroked Raven's clit with her thumb. She thought she could do this all night and be

All too soon, though, Raven's screams echoed and her pussy clenched around
Moira's fingers. Moira was pleased though, it was clear Raven had enjoyed it
as much as she had.

There were more long, tender kisses, touches, and many more orgasms before the
women fell asleep in each other's arms, sated and glowing.

The next morning, Moira woke late, and she was kind of disappointed, but then she saw the note, and the key that weighed it down.

”Meet me at the bar again tonight,” was all the note said, with an elaborate R as a signature.

Moira stretched, her body pleasantly aching from the night before, and she knew she would, for as long as she was able to.

But for now she had to report to the CIA.
Tags: femslash, moira mactaggert, raven darkholme/mystique, x-men first class

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