i'm a modern girl (aphrodite_mine) wrote in xmmficathon,
i'm a modern girl

And this concludes xmmficathon2011!

Here is the masterlist for this year: http://xmmficathon.livejournal.com/98949.html

Be sure and thank your author, and the other authors for their time, efforts, and art. Special thanks goes to our pinch hitters this year: lorax, aphrodite_mine, renata_kedavra, and st_aurafina (x2!!!)

If you were a member of regular sign ups who didn't receive a story, and DIDN'T write one, this means that your writer also dropped. If you were a member of regular sign ups, wrote a story, and didn't receive one, please contact me as soon as possible and I'll rectify this.

PLEASE take a moment and drop some feedback for your author. Thanks for another great year, folks.
Tags: admin, xmmficathon2011

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