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xmmficathon: 2011 -- signups

Welcome to the signup/info post for xmmficathon 2011!

Important dates:
- Signups: June 8-June 30 [you may edit your signup at any point during this period]
- Assignments sent out: by July 5
- Default by: August 20, if at all possible.
- Stories due: September 30 by midnight. Post ON THAT DAY, however if you are unable to do so, please contact the mods and we will post for you.

If you would like to sign up and do not have access to LJ, please email the mods: xmmficathonmods@gmail.com, in this case, please post your fic on September 30 and email the link to the story to the mods for posting in the community.

- Signups can include up to five requests. You must make two requests. You may make one request involving a comic crossover. You may make one request involving another Marvel movie crossover.
- Your signup will attempt to be matched based on 1) Movies willing to write, 2) Genre willing to write, and 3) Pairings willing to write. However, please be flexible if this is not possible. Please, also consider this when MAKING your requests.
- You may include as many pairings as you want per request, and as many details as you want. A request could be as simple as “Jean/Scott¸ fire” or as complicated as “I want some connection between XMFC and XM1, please write about Emma’s back story and about how she comes to the school at some point. Does she always stay with Magneto? Does she teach? What is her relationship like with her students? Please include Emma/Charles if possible.” Note that the more detailed the requests may be more difficult to match and to fill.
- Your writer is only required to write ONE fic of at least 1,000 words for your request. Please have the fic betaed out of respect for the ficathon and your recipient.
- RPF is NOT accepted in this ficathon.
- Before signing up, please think about the commitment involved and the due dates. A signup will be considered a commitment to complete the fic, and failing to do so may be grounds for future banning. [Note: this hasn’t been implemented in the past, but I will think about it if people drop without letting us know, beyond the drop date]
- Comments? Questions? Email xmmficathonmods@gmail.com or comment on this post.


To sign up, fill out the following form and comment to this post with it.

And a sample signup for you:

Name/LJ Name: X-Men Fan 22
Email: fanpersonwooo at gmail dot com
Movies I am consider canon: X-Men, X2, X3, X-Men First Class

X-Men Movie Requests
Request 1: During her time with Magneto, Emma/Mystique, uprising/fighting with authority. Emma/Magneto or Mystique/Magneto welcome.
Request 2: X3 timeline, Xavier/Magneto. An unlikely tryst.
Request 3: (optional)

Crossover Requests (optional – allowed ONE each for comics and Marvel films)
Request 1: Rogue/Gambit, comics version please. She runs into him in Alaska, not Wolverine
Request 2: Magneto/Thor. Anything.

X-Men Movies I am willing to write: X-Men, X2, X-Men First Class
Characters and Pairings I am willing to write: Any combination of Emma Frost, Magneto, Xavier¸ Mystique, Rogue, Jean Grey, Scott. Pairing only: Wolverine/Nightcrawler, Rogue/Wolverine
Marvel Movies I am willing to write: Thor, Iron Man, Daredevil
Marvel Movies Characters and Pairings I am willing to write: Elektra, Thor, Foggy Nelson, Pepper Potts
Comics series and characters I am willing to write: Runaways (all), The Young Avengers (all), Excalibur (Kitty, Rachel), Alias (all)
Genres I am willing to write: Slash, het, gen

Can you write a pinch hit? Yes.
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